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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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er man. this happened at 9:45 last night on full pulled up on the crime in progress and badges were visible. they drew their guns. when he refused to drop his knife both fired. the man who owns the bicycle was grateful for police. >> the victim told the captain of mission station that he was coming after me with a knife this big and that and he told the captain "you saved my life." the victim with the bicycle was not hurt. police will continue to investigate and officers will be on paid lobby. though build hold a townhall meeting next week to answer questions of the shooting death of the man whose name they have not released. the chief says he was in his
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20's, it appears. the chief is defending the actions of an officer accused of using excessive force against a." less man while he tried to wake up a man from a bus and then pepper sprayed the man and hitting him with the baton. the homeless man threatened him and the driver and the officer was doing what he was trained to do. the man has been charged with resisting arrest. >> two men are in custody accused of vandalizing a historic military structure at fort baker and they had to be rescued after getting stuck on a cliff. katie marzullo has the darryls. >> two men rescued from a cliff.
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>> one was 50' and one was 150'. >> one man was pulled helicopter. another was saved with ropes. >> we save lives and secure ourselves to the land and go down and pick you the victim and bring him back up. >> safely rescued and promptly arrested. they are suspected vandals. they were found during patrols at 4:30 in a restricted area and they ran. >> they were trying to evade the police officers by going down the hill. it is very steep. one tried to come back up he got stuck and started to fall down. >> you can see graffiti on a historic military structure in the area. the rangers say it is too early to know if these two men are responsible for it. [ inaudible ] it is a haven for people would like to vandalize and it is a
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historic park. >> both are from san rafael and face charges including trespassing, resisting an officer and vandalism. a medical helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing last night in vacaville, the f.a.a. said an air ambulance was on the way to the hospital in san francisco when it experienced a strange vibration. the pilot put the chopper down in a shopping center next to a supermarket. there was a patient and three people on the helicopter. no one was hurt. the patient was put in an plan and taken to the hospital. >> this morning a young child is treated at burn unit at santa clara valley medical center in san jose after she was airlifted from alameda. firefighters responded to a home shortly before 7:00 last night saying the girl was treated on the scene but required a life flight legal corporate for injuries. there is no word on how the child suffered the burns. the injuries are considered "serious," but not life threatening. >> residents of the san
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francisco mission department building that burned of rejoicing. it is looking up for them after a blogger raised $180,000 on a funding site to find new homes. 54 tenants were forced from their homes by the massive place that killed one man. last night 27-year-old handed out checks at the salvation shelter where many were living since then and ranged from $6,000 to $15,000 coming from a stunning 2,400 donors. >> three men are arraigned on charges in the brutal rain case of a woman who said she was held captive for two months. the 22-year-old showed up at a police station and told officers she had escaped from a santa rosa compound where she was repeatedly raped four two months. three men were arrested in the case on wednesday but now new doubts are cast on the woman's story. another woman who said she lived at the compound says the
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accusations are not true. the woman showed abc7 reporter a picture which reportedly shows the victim cozy with a suspect. they believe the woman was kidnapped. >> a murder in hercules happened after a whom invasion robbery this man is in custody, 27-year-old marc anthony carr. he was choking a man on buttercup court. that man died. carr injured a woman. officers found carr a block away with blood on him. they recovered a bb gun believed to belong to carr. >> health officials say a person with the measles had dinner at a restaurant last week exposes hundreds. the san mateo resident visited the restaurant on february 20 dining between 6:45 and 8:00 p.m. and the person did not have the rash. the incident is after another potential exposure on bart an
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infected san mateo resident took a bart train last friday from the millbrae station to civic center in san francisco between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. health officials say 1,500 people were exposed to the virus but the infolks -- infection risk is low. >> we find out what google has in mind to expand their campus in mountain view. it includes up to four new buildings, parts of which will be able to shift. a strain structure will allow them to lose walls and offices to make the building smaller or bigger. a push is underway to turn the land into housing for employees and residents. >> the burning question. the when will the rain move into the bay area? >> the key is it is not a steady rain but scattered showers. not all of us are going to get that or receive that rain. if you do .1"
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each day this week the o hours are going to be warmer. sunny side and ocean beach and crissy field, 55, along with the bayview district, and 55 coming through the ferry building. we are in the mid-50s all down the peninsula and cooler when you get to the valley like santa clara and safer together at politicians and pleasanton and walnut creek at 48 and 47 and american canyon, at 46. this is how it looks from the east bay hills camera the cameras are bouncing and the winds will pick up this afternoon and they will pick inthe clouds, also. they will be cool breezes, low-to-mid 60s inland and around the bay 60 to 64, 57 to 59 at the coast and closer to average compared to yesterday. san jose waking up mostly cloudy this morning as we hold through tomorrow our best chance of showers is brief heavy rain and hail and it will be brighter and
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calmer on sunday and a lesser chance of showers on monday. leyla? >> here is a look at the golden gate bridge and that drive is quiet and smooth coming away from marin to san jose and we do not have construction reported there, this morning, we have not seen the zipper truck moving to the north end of the bridge. we have mostly green, across the bay area, and an ex exception over over -- an exception over the altamont pass, tracy to dublin is 24 minutes. so far, so good but it is early at only 4:38. highway 4, westbound antioch to concord is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 19 minutes. thanks leyla. this is the real burning question of the morning: the great dress debate that has social media in stitches and coworkers calling each other crazy. what colors do you see? the photo that has everyone talking. >> imagine waking up to in at
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your door. the visitor that has a neighborhood on edge. >> we are keeping weather and traffic up through the entire commercial break. stay tuned.
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good friday morning. a look from our camera in the east bay hills looking west you can see the bay bridge and the bay and the twinkling lights of san francisco. mike says there is a scattered shower possibility for the weekend. he will tell you more about when the systems could move in coming up. >> bart board has voted to make chains to the new cars to make them more wheelchair friendly. the modified floor design moves the wheelchair zones to the middle floors and remove the polls. that allows more than one wheelchair ridetory -- riders to sit together. >> drivers of the shuttle buses
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are voting on whether to become teamsters today. apple and yahoo and google and other high-tech silicon valley companies use the buss do get employees to work. unionization will improve wages and working conditions. a mountain lion sighting has resolution accidents on edge. there have been two. most recent was yesterday morning on mountainwood lane. jeanette snapped this picture of the animal outside a glass door moments after arriving at work. >> i immediately locked the door and just, thought, my god what do i could? he wasn't going away just pacing back-and-forth. >> the sheriff arrive add few minutes later as the animal headed back to the woods. woodside is a natural habitat for mountain lions. as long as you leave the animals alone, they should eleven you
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alone. >> "should," being the operative word. >> prepare for a test. it is a photo that is blowing up social media. >> question is: what color is this dress? eric? >> i see white and gold. >> me, too, but a lot of people see it in black and blue. we went to see what people are saying. >> this is the dress that is sparking debate on the streets and online. >> it could be white black and blue. >> at the sports lounge, the color is a bar guessing game. >> needs two roommates are looking at same photo at the same time. >> black and blue. blue and black. >> gold and white.
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>> how do you get blue and black. >> and some cannot believe their own eyes. [ inaudible ] >> some were adamant about there being only one color combination. >> the people are idiots. >> some big name celebrities were often it said "i think aam getting so mad about the dress because it is an assault on what i believe is objective truth." ellen posted "from this day on the world will be divided into two people: blue and black or white and gold. it seems the truth is in the eye of the beholder. >> why you may see it one way or the other check out our it has to do with your eyes and
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how your brain interprets what you see we? >> absolutely. >> my eyes have something to do with it? i would never guess. what colors do you see? post a comment on our website or our facebook. >> some people think it has to do with your mood. maybe the light. how your eyes internet the light >> slightly. >> and a beautiful tie. >> and my shirt is blue, too. >> now what is going on. good morning everyone, we will look at the winds we are at 17 at novato, and 21 oakland but it is not an all day rain event or atmospheric river situation. this is just scattered showers
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because of a cold front that is driving south along the coast from the gulf of alaska. what it will do is make us much cooler today and unsettled today and especially tomorrow when you get a cold pocket of air sitting on top of relatively warm ground that create as lost instability. look at our temperatures: 70s wiped away from the map. low-to-mid 60s this afternoon with 5959 cloverdale, half moon bay and 58 in lake port the cool spot and 60 at santa cruz and everyone else 61 to 63 degrees. tonight we have scattered showers and green and the broadcast chance is in the higher elevation near the coast and out over the ocean. tonight, will be significantly cooler than this morning so when you wake up tomorrow morning low-to-mid 40s inland and mid-to-upper 40s around the bay and the coast. at 7:00 this morning, see some of the lower clouds lining up along the coast and spill
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interest the south bay and as we head to lunch you saw maybe one or two areas of a shower and that is it. as we head into the afternoon hours, the best chance right along the coast, again and out over the ocean. otherwise, a pretty dry day today. tonight the chance of showers is over the ocean but with the northwestern flow it could climb ashore and head into our neighborhoods during the overnight hour. the best chance is the bull's eye on the santa cruz mountains and as we head tomorrow afternoon, more of us have a chance of the brief heavy rain thunder, and isolated spots of hail. >> as far as what we will see with our rainfall amounts you can get anywhere from nothing to a quarter of an inch to what an inch in the santa cruz mountains the seven-day forecast show temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s about all the way through. we have a chance of rain on monday and it is then gone. >> the weird thing about the
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dress i have seen it both ways so i cannot explain that. >> what can you see on the internet? >> the story is strange. >> decent colors here, everyone not too much red. those tail lights are pretty few and far between to treasure island. we did have early construction in both directions and it looks like that is get picked up as we speak and mostly green across the bay area and green means go and top speeds. we have one accident and it will be in the east bay traveling southbound on 880 this is a three car crash involving a big rig with one lane blocked but not causing any kind of slow down, and drive time traffic 680 southbound, walnut creek is 16 minute and through santa cruz mountains, it is light into los gatos. eric and kristen? >> apple's announcement is set,
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could it be for the apple watch? >> an affordable senator lock for your hope. >> it looks like the apple watch will make the debut announcing a special event for march 9 "spring forward," if you can not wait to see there is an ad in the march issue of "vogue." >> have you been wanting to get a new smart lock? a lot of people do but they do not want to shell out hundreds. the new smart lock fits over your existing dead bolt and works with a blue tooth. >> what do you get the zombie fan who has everything? >> once in a life time edition of new video game complete with night vision goggles and lessons and a custom built shelter and $385,000 price tag.
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>> coming up, the page-turning end to the battle to keep a popular san francisco bookstore open. >> opponents on the field but pans in a new p.r. campaign, the good cause that people teaming up. stay tuned.
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a mission district bookstore that faced the prospect of shutting down has a new lease on life. borderland books was going out of business because it could not afford to pay the mandatory $15 an hour minimum wage. however, a few days later the bookstore came up with an alternate funding plan that should keep it in business until march of next year. the plan called for 300 sponsors to pay $100 a year to keep the doors open.
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response has been better than projected. 500 people have signed up to pay $100 to keep it open. >> san francisco has a transamerica building, new york city the only fire state building, both iconic structures and now a build that makes people think of tulsa, oklahoma and here it is. it looks like a giant tornado. mike? >> wow complete with funnel clouds, a restaurant can go on the top and offices in between and classrooms occupying the lower levels. tulsa "people" magazine picked three design firms to come up something that would reimagine downtown tulsa and it is only one of the designs. this is in word on when we will see the other two. >> hanging ten on ice. >> these are waves of slush washed ashore in massachusetts guaranteed to make a surfer shiver. the waves look like a slurpy.
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>> how does that work? rolling along and it freezes? how does that work? it is frozen first and then the wave comes through. >> wow! >> cool, isn't it? >> you don't see that very often. >> i like it. >> i like it, too. >> we low pressure for dry -- we hope for dry weather for tomorrow the lunar new year festival in in newark. >> the 5th annual? >> with line dancing. look at you all fancy. >> here is the logo. there is a lot of rain on there. it is just scattered showers. it is not an all day rain. if it rains it comes in and it could rain for five minutes and move out and the likelihood of that happening is better after 4:00 than it is before. while i have to put the chance of rain in there don't let it
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stop you. >> 56 degrees at 11 o'clock we will top out in the upper 50s to dress appropriately with the breezes and the snow is going to happen in the southern california mountains tomorrow through sunday morning and lake tahoe, 44 degrees and we have a winter weather advisory and the weather service is thinking 4-8"s and i think more like 12 inches. do you know where the chains are? >> i will tell you in a little bit. line dancing is my favorite part! the bay bridge toll plaza shows there are cars that are stacking up in the far last-hand lane and it looks like people are digging in for change to pay the toll to get across the bridge. we have an update on this accident involving three vehicles, a big rig and one lane blocked and new flee lanes are blocked and more slowing. as you pull away from highway 92 you are going do run into a little bit of a delay there so if you do need to head out of hayward at this moment you may want to give yourself a couple of extra minutes.
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a new york man has hired a lawyer to ask apple why his iphone 5c exploded in his trousers giving him third degree burns. he said he was at his cousins wake on valentine's day and his phone just exploded spontaneously. the thigh injury from the scalding liquid were she vary enough to land him in a burn unit for 10 days. experts say the small of the bit of damage to a 15's circuit board can cause an explosion. apple said they are "looking into the case." >> get ready to see a lot of girl scouts out kicking off national girl scout cookie weekend going door to good. the cookie program is $770 million business and all money earned stays local to benefit the activities and community service projects the girls take part in. >> san francisco 49ers quarterback kaepernick and california newton want you to eat your fruits and vegetables.
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the athletes are in a new ad campaign focused on getting teens and moms to eat healthy inspired by ads for big consumer brands that use celebrities to sell products. additional provides will be released starring steph curry and victor cruz and others. >> jessica alba was >> the bart ride that exposed up to 1,500 people to the highly contagious measles. >> c.h.p. is looking for a "few good men and women," and the people though especially want to recruit. >> we leave you with abc7 now to keep on top weather is traffic and breaking news.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, at 5:00 a.m. on friday, thanks for joining us. >> we made it to the end of the week. leyla gulen here. meteorologist mike nicco is happy because you are watching the chance for rain. >> "chances." and "still watching." >> breezy. but live doppler hd is dry. we will look at the 12 hour day planner from sutro tower. it is breezy. that is keeping the temperatures up to 11 degrees warmer than yesterday. 46 to 54. we are breezy at noon. and partly cloudy and only 58 to 612. the temperatures are ten degrees


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